Our firm specializes in unarmed uniformed security officers, Concierge and Doormen.

Family owned and operated since 1947  we will respond immediately to all client requests.

We are licensed by the  NJ State Police and fully bonded since 1947.

Nilsen Security Group

    Uniform Guards

      Matthew Sr.  Matthew Jr.

          J. Kent Nilsen CEO

Matthew N. Nilsen Sr.: Founder 1947 Retired Motorcycle policeman with a vision for retiring Police Officers.

Matthew H. Nilsen Jr.: A self made man with a no

nonsense attitude for failure.

J. Kent Nilsen: The third generation and taught by the

best Mom and Dad.

"NILSEN" One of the most recognized family owned names in the security guard industry since the 1940's. Still family owned and operated we are seeking clients that are tired of being ignored. Our business is very emotional and stressful. We can eliminate most of it. We select clients based upon compatibility with our way of doing business. We deal with people everyday that: sleep on site, do not show up, walk off the site to get to another job, are sloppy, not dependable, not a team player, steal and lie. However: by giving a person a home with stability, with showing respect, constant re-training, weekly on time and in full pay checks, new uniforms, following through with company regulations and understanding their daily family problems we create a security team that makes sure you the client have trained, dependable officers on duty at your site at all times.

My Dad taught me that there is a job for every person and a person for every job. We hate turnover. We select your security team based on your requirements and compatibility to perform your request hopefully the first time. However we are renting you a complete stranger and their individual personalities we have no control over.

Each Officer will be required to have a SORA License (Security Officer Registration Act of 2007) issued by the New Jersey State Police. The NJSP has checked out the person and they have meet all of the NJ State Police requirements. It is valid for 2 years then they have to renew it. This allows the person to work as a contract security Officer or contract Concierge in the State of New Jersey.

You know as well as I the rest is a gut feeling. After several decades and the hiring and terminating of 100's of people,  I trust my judgement in creating your new security team . As I am here to watch your back so are the Officers we hire are here to watch our back. "It takes decades to build a reputation and one person or one second to ruin it."

The FIVE MINUTE window. This is the amount of time it takes to lose an account or to save it. We take the client requests, investigate a solution and put it into action. We will not always agree with the client but we will always make sure their site is under control.

Last we are seeking a limited number of clients. Because of the Affordable Care Act we are remaining under 50 full time Officers. This will allow us to maintain the highest quality of personalized service and the lowest amount of turnover.

"Thank you for the opportunity to EARN your business."

J. Kent Nilsen,Owner / CEO

PO BOX 4235, BRICK, NJ 08723