FORCE ONE SECURITY INC, WAS ESTABLISHED IN 1991. My name is J. Kent Nilsen, third generation and I created Force One because as any son I wanted to grow and create my own name in the industry. I left my Mom and Dads company Nilsen Detective Agency in 1991 and the rest is history. My Mom past away in late 1991 and my Dad sold the company to my brother Richard. My brother past away in 2009.




LESS THAN 1300.00

We specialize in unarmed uniformed Officers and Concierge personnel. We take a complete group of strangers and create a security force you have designed. We have the same problems the other 320 security guard companies have in New Jersey. However we give our officers a place to call home. We provide a place where daily stress and threats are at a minimum and their weekly payroll payment is on time and in full. We dress our Officers in new uniforms and they can replace and ask for extra work anytime during the year. We understand their daily family problems and working as a team your site is never without a trained officer. There is nothing worst that going home and telling your family and child that there is no more job, no more income and no more hope. We never fire anyone. We give them the opportunity to obey our rules and the clients request. They each decide weather to comply or move on.



LESS THAN 700.00

The name NILSEN and the name DETEX have been together since 1953. In those days the clock was a weapon. Big and bulky. As the only authorized Detex guard tour distributor in New Jersey since 1977, we not only solve your problems but help you create a guard tour report that is quick and easy to read. Imagine pushing 3 buttons to get your report. Imagine getting your system up and running immediately either by letting us install, customize and train you or doing it by phone. No reason to let the box sit in the corner of your office for 2-3- weeks.

Proxi Pen: Basic report. What a person did, did not do and how long it took him to do it. Can be upgraded to break down individual site tour reports. System can be expandable for supervisors and temporary sites at the touch of a button.

Reliant: Less expensive but just as durable.

I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge my brother Richard M Nilsen.

Richard took over the family security business in 1991 and built an empire.

Those of you who knew him either loved him or hated him, but you always respected him.

They broke the mold and I will always miss him every day.


My wife Adrienne and I hope you have enjoyed our simple yet informative Web Site. We are hard working people like you and yes things do go wrong during the day.

We enjoy life and run a stress free company.

We seek clients who we are compatible with our way of doing business. We are here to help and protect you in accomplishing  your security project.

"If you are tired of being ignored?" let us help you.

                         Adrienne and Kent