Why do you need a security officer?

Gate duty / Crowd Control

Access control / Trucking

Patrolling Area

Sit in a car all night and watch a  building

Apartment Complexes / Construction


Office Complex / Hospital

What is an Security Officer?

There is a difference in a Security Guard and a Security Officer. The Guard is a beginner. Will they last putting up with 8 hour days in Summer heat and Winter cold. Will they respect the others on the security team and show up on time, proud of their appearance and producing their hourly security rounds and duties as requested by the client.

A Security Officer is someone who has paid their dues. Many people have had several experiences in the industry and know the limits of their authority. Their experience is the key to their success.

Site Shelter:

A Security Guard does not know what it is like to sit in a 4 x 4 or 4 x 6 box or their vehicle for eight  hours a day everyday. A Security Guard does not know what it is like to go in a porter john in 10 degree weather. A Security Guard does not know what it is like to make hourly security tours in the middle of the night with the wind howling. A Security Guard does not know the boredom of 8, 12 and even 16 hour shifts. A Security Guard does not know the hardship of staying on the site when their relief does not show up.

A Security Officer does.

Which do you choose. The inexpensive Security Guard or the more experienced Security Officer. Once you decide on the amount of money per week you have to spend on this project then accept the amount of experience it can buy. Our expertise is in selecting the right person for you project. That is why you should select us. We create a home and make them family. WE HATE TURNOVER! Remember with Security Guards this is a stop over for them until another adventure comes along. However with an experienced Security Officer, when they find a home are very loyal and dependable.

We paid our  officers every week in full. We provide stability for them to take care of their families. We take the stress off of their daily problems and help them with solutions.

We respect anyone who has proven themselves when they come to work with us.  Will problems arise. Of course. Officers will do all of the bad things you can think of. They are people. However we will fight for any officer that has proven themselves that has fallen down, We will pick them up and retrain them and the problem should be resolved unless the officer just does not want to obey, MOVE ON.


We will fax over an invoice every Sunday and pick up a check the following Thursday.

Uniformed Guard Division

Force One Security, Inc

Established 1991

License and Bonded

Security Guard Company License #1095

Because of the Affordable Care Act I have decided to be an hands on employer. Each client deals with me directly. The success or failure of the security project depends on our relationship. The clients I select must understand that I will have their back and their security project is a success.

I have room for a few more clients. Personalized attention and Immediate response.

Does not cost anything to meet shake hands and throw around ideas.